“I thought of that while riding my bicycle”

Einstein – in reference to the Theory of Relativity.

Clever stuff happens while you’re out riding your bike – not always something as historic as the Theory of Relativity, admitedly, but regardless – it’s a great place to be to clear your mind, and just think about ‘stuff’. Hey, it’s a great place to be... Period.
Talking of a great place to be, we proudly introduce the Bear Bikes ‘ONE’ – simply put, Bear’s first ‘ONE’ to enter full production. Lovingly hand crafted by the ‘Bear’ himself, the ‘ONE’ is created from T45 aerospace steel tubing, featuring custom CNC rear drop-outs as well as a host of CNC components that are all machined in-house, by Bear from billet.

Built from steel

We build bicycle frames from steel – T45 aerospace steel tubing to be precise. First off, we cut the steel tubes to the right length and mitre their ends, making sure everything fits perfectly to the the rear drop-outs, bottom brackets and headtubes that are machined in-house. We then braze, or rather ‘melt’ the filler metal into the join, which creates a fillet between the two tubes – it’s a strong and versatile way of building steel frames.

Built from alloy

It’s not just frames that are lovingly hand crafted at Bear. We design and precison-engineer our own components in-house too. The chain-tugs, headset spacers and seat-clamps  are all CNC milled from billet allunimium. These components are all then media blasted and annodised. Finally, before being fit to the bikes we add our signature Bear logo.


Built for you

Although the Bear Bikes ‘ONE’ is our production bike, we’re happy to spec the bike to suit you. Say for instance you’d rather have a set of flat bars instead of the drops, no probemo! We’re cool with one-off custom too – take it as far as you like. If you have something in mind that you’d like us to make as a one-off for you, then we’d be as happy to make it as you would ride it!